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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in gatheredtable – we’re SO glad you came! At 4 pm every day, 60% of people in this country don’t yet have a plan for dinner… that’s about the time when everyone starts calling their wife/ husband/ partner/ babysitter/ child/ roommate/ etc to say, “What should we do about dinner?”  We know that people like to cook, but that last minute scramble isn’t fun for anyone – and gives rise to more delivery, takeout, and boxed dinners than many of us care to admit.   gatheredtable is here to help! We take the work – and stress – of meal planning off your proverbial plate, giving you more time for the things and people you love.   Some of you have been asking how and where this journey began. In fact, gatheredtable’s first incarnation was me, a binder, and an hour and a half of effort on weeks that I managed to get around to meal planning at all. I used to think, “isn’t there a smart computer system that could do this for me?” When I found out there wasn’t I decided to start gatheredtable.com –

thinking of how many other people like me could use it to save time, save money, reduce waste, reduce stress, and nourish their health as well as their connections with family and friends.

We are currently in an invitation only soft launch. We look forward to welcoming new friends to the table soon and if you click “join now” and leave us your email we will let you know when that time comes.

There’s a tradition in many cultures to pause and give thanks when gathered around a table before beginning the meal. In that vein, I want to end this first post with a deeply heartfelt message of gratitude:

  •       To our investors, for believing in our vision
  •       To our team, for your dedication – some would say obsession – for getting this product right, and for           your unwavering enthusiasm for our future potential
  •       To our beta test customers, for giving us great feedback, and early market validation beyond our                     wildest dreams
  •       To our advisors, for sharing your experience and wisdom to help guide us on this journey
  •       To our partners, for signing on with us while we were still in “stealth mode”

May you all gather at home and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

About Mary

Gatheredtable Founder.

13 Responses

  1. Kristin

    I am so happy to know that its not just me wondering ‘Whats for dinner tonight?’ at 4pm. I would love to register for this! If you need desperate busy moms that are clueless on what to feed my family, sign me up.

    1. Thanks for your email Kristin! I have added your name to our wait-list queue, and you will receive an email soon with an invite code. 🙂 Can’t wait for you to try it out!!!

  2. Claudia

    So very excited about this – just submitted my request to be added to the queue! I already do some minimal meal planning for my family, but I love the shopping list feature and the opportunity to try new recipes that you offer. It can get so overwhelming to look through everything I’ve pinned or bookmarked. Quick question – do you have options for people who want to do something like a Meatless Monday?

    1. Awesome Claudia! You should get a code soon 🙂 We totally agree and know our service will help simplify your meal planning experience! We have options like “Meatless Monday” coming soon too.

  3. Sandy

    This is exactly what I need! I spend so much time on planning, making the list and shopping but still get in a rut. Being healthy and a smart shopper takes a lot of time. I’m all in on this…PLEASE add me to the list as I can’t wait!!

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