Put An Egg On It

The addition of a simple egg can transform everything from stir fries to pizzas, salads, burgers, and burritos. With Spring in the air and eggs hatching, we got to talking about “putting an egg on it” here at the gatheredtable.com headquarters in Seattle. Here’s some of our stories and recipes, from soup to coop:


Many years ago, on a round-the-world-with-a-backpack honeymoon, my husband and I spent time in Myanmar, an enchanting place. Every single meal involved rice, some things in the rice (vegetables and/or proteins) and always, always, always: a fried egg on top.  breakfast, lunch, dinner.  This was my first exposure to “put an egg on it” and after recovering from my initial surprise, I became a convert….  I recently had dinner with my friend Rachel – it was a “what do we have on hand” DIY situation. The solution?  rice + asparagus with an egg on top.  delicious!

recipe: shrimp fried rice  (optional: put an egg on it)


We have been raising chickens for years – fresh eggs from your own backyard are sooo much tastier than any eggs you can get at the store! The yolk is a much darker yellow more and more flavorful. The “white” of the egg has probably 20% less volume so they cook up nicer too.   Even though we have had chickens for a number of years I never really thought much about how eggs were formed until recently. Chickens are egg laying machines designed for production. Their insides resemble an automotive assembly line, if you will (maybe that’s where Henry Ford got the idea from!). They always have several eggs in various sizes and stages lined up in a row marching down the line until the finished product pops out. Our family’s favorite finished-product egg dish though is this fresh and easy sausage frittata- yum!

recipe: sausage fritatta


I never had homemade Korean food until having dinner at my boyfriend’s parents’ house. Watching his mom cook dinner and learning about her process has been a fun way to connect with his family over food and learn about another culture. The fried egg on top of his mom’s bibimbap truly makes all the flavors come together!

recipe: mrs. kim’s bibimbap


Eggs are one of my favorite things to eat because you can literally ramp up any meal by adding an egg. Eggs on pasta, your burger, or pizza, or even as simple as roasted vegetables – and the runnier the better! There is nothing like a great runny egg in my opinion. I am so obsessed with eggs I even have a tumblr dedicated to it!

Recipe: spanish tortilla


Growing up, eggs were primarily reserved for Sunday brunches. Always a casual affair, the bulk of my family would lounge around after church while I assisted my father in his brilliant execution of a variety of egg dishes. Wanted a veggie omelet? poached egg? sunny-side up with toast? you got it! These days and many states away from my family and Sunday brunch routines, I’ve found new ways to incorporate the comfortable nostalgia brought about by eggs in my weekly repertoire. My most recent addiction- poached eggs in noodle soup. So simple and sooo tasty!

recipe: peanut soba noodles with an egg on top

So again, whether you have yet to venture outside the safe culinary walls of eggs for breakfast or not, we recommend you explore using eggs in new, creative and delicious ways.  Got a favorite “put an egg on it” recipe?  Send it our way!   Looking for an invitation code?  Please leave your email on our site or in the comments section and we’ll make sure you get one soon.

Happy cooking everyone!


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