Seattle S’mores

The 4th of July is right around the corner and we swear we can already smell that summery scent of the campfire… (ok, maybe it was the marshmallows roasting in our test kitchen…)

It’s old news that s’mores have gone from scout camping trips treats to an “anytime” decadent dessert; we’ve seen them popping up on restaurant menus for over a decade… I always end a summer dinner party with either a summer fruit crumble or s’mores (ok, often both because it’s hard to choose between chocolate and non-chocolate desserts, kind of like that “savory or sweet” brunch decision… but I digress)

Remember that one of the freedoms in our great nation is the “pursuit of happiness” which seems by definition inclusive of s’more experimentation and consumption.   We’ve done our own share of experimentation – switching up the chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers for s’more taste tests.  (why should something so potentially divine be executed with Hershey’s chocolate which none of us eat in any other context?)   Like anything in food, we know that the end result is enhanced by better quality ingredients.

So, in honor of the 4th, we cooked up some “Seattle s’mores” with high quality ingredients from some awesome local artisanal brands.  Try this out, or send us your own favorite combination:

MALLOWS:  Crafted locally in Seattle and sold at area farmer’s markets and grocery stores, these homemade mallows are worlds away from the tasteless gobs you’re used to.  They come in amazing flavors (like chai and almond) but the orange/ tangerine is our favorite for s’more making.  (check out their site)

THEO’S CHOCOLATE:  Seattle-based Theo’s chocolate bars can be picked up in Whole Foods and REI stores across the USA.  They’re organic and fair trade – and they’re delicious! (and they MELT like buttah…). We love the dark chocolate salted almond and the milk chocolate bars. These treats prove yet again that with the right execution, a “basic” can rise to the level of the mouth-watering sublime.

HONEY MAID GRAHAM CRACKERS:  Ok, just when we thought Seattle had an artisanal, local version of EVERYTHING, we were stumped when it came to graham crackers… then, guess what people, it turns out that the “traditional” Honey Maid graham crackers were in fact first launched in 1925 in SEATTLE by the Pacific Biscuit Company (eventually acquired by another company, now part of Nabisco). So, because they’re originally local, and they’re the least offensive element of the traditional trifecta we incorporated them… but we’re also testing some recipes for homemade grahams so we’ll come back with that in an August post.

Some twists on the traditional s’more from our gathered table team:

  • peanut Butter (smother on crackers pre-assembly)
  • speculoos (or other cookie butter)
  • nutella
  • homemade jam
  • grilled fruit—bananas and peaches work great!
  • sea salt caramel—add a thin layer of caramel sauce/dulce de leche and a sprinkle of sea salt
  • bacon—try an “elvis” take on a s’more with PB, banana and bacon
  • peeps–warning: peeps marshmallows seem like a cool s’mores idea, but they don’t really work with roasting perhaps due to the sugar coating.. ok, don’t say we didn’t we warn you

There are no rules in the world of s’mores.  Mix it up and try out your favorite add-ons and flavor combinations! If you land on a good one, post a photo and tell us what you used—and we’ll send a special treat to our favorite. Here is one from our test kitchen fun..

BLOG gatheredtable-s'mores 4

We hope you feel inspired now to “go 4th” and build your own favorite s’mores.  We love to hear from you all, so tell us…how will you be s’moring this 4th of July?

(PS:  If you are a current gatheredtable user, look out for a special s’mores recipe in your menu this week!)

Happy cooking/s’moring all!


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