Eat With the Seasons

I spend every summer chomping my way in pursuit of the perfect peach, and usually bite into it sometime in July… once was at a roadside stand in Georgia, once at a NJ gas station (ok, actually a farm stand in the parking lot of said gas station), once at the Litchfield CT farmers market, and once in a hostel in Barcelona Spain in the middle of the night (ok, I was jetlagged/hungry and although my bunkmates were displeased to be awoken via the loud slurp of the perfect peach). Needless to say, it’s an annual quest.

A peach is one of those foods that is divine at peak, but off peak it can be mealy, flavorless and just not worth eating, so I try to eat as many as I can in the peach season that always seems far too short. Here at gatheredtable, we’re all about eating with the seasons. Our weekly menus are customized to your goals, requirements, and preferences – and these menus combine your own recipes together with ones we recommend for you. Seasonal produce and herbs play a large role in our recipe curation, from asparagus and strawberries (May), to artichokes, spinach and snap peas (June), to peaches and berries, greens, and more (July).

Although the growing seasons and harvests vary somewhat across the U.S., we pulled together an overall guide that outlines what’s in season when that we use to guide our menus and thought you‘d like to see. (and remember – hate zucchini? No problem, just add it to your avoidances list) We’ve also thought hard about which vegetables and fruits we eat (and recommend) even when they are not at “peak harvest season” (like broccoli) and which we wouldn’t (like peaches) – we’re eager to hear which fall into each camp for you, so please write in and let us know. All contributors will receive a fabulous gatheredtable dishtowel (sack cloth cotton, so absorbent, will become your fave, we promise).

AND last but not least, here are some links to our favorite peach-inspired dishes straight from the gatheredtable library. (not a subscriber? go to our site now for a free 30-day trail period and start cooking seasonal, fresh and fun foods now!)

grilled chicken and peaches with arugula

roasted beet and peach salad 

beet and peach salad
Happy Cooking,

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