Back To School

It’s the day after Labor Day – a time that always feels to me more like a “new year” than January 1.  I’ve always been anchored by the tidal ebbs and flows of school calendars – maybe it’s because I was a teacher for several years, or because I am married to a teacher, or because I lived in a University neighborhood for most of my adult life… and now as a mom of three school-aged kids, I experience first-hand how we shift back into a routine come Fall.

You’ve likely resolved to eat better, cook more often, and share moments of community with friends and family:  plan ahead with gatheredtable and make it happen.

Here’s our top 5 list to help you get the most out of gatheredtable:

1. Edit your menu!

We hope you love your menu.  For recipes you don’t love – just swap them out! On your menu, just click the “+” sign to add a recipe, and the “x” to delete

(We’re the only menu planning service that provides you with not only a customized menu but one that you can edit – we’re pretty proud of that 🙂 )

2.  Add some of your own recipes!

It’s exhausting to make a new dish you’ve never made before every single night (trust me – I’ve been recipe testing non-stop!)

When you add in a few recipes from your “tried-and-true” repertoire, you’ll get menus that combine your old standbys with our custom seasonal recommendations- leading to a much more manageable week!

To add recipes: use our snipper to copy recipes from the internet; enter them manually (it’s way easier than you think); or copy from the gatheredtable library

When you add recipes, be sure to make use of the following features:

  •         Rotation frequency:  How often you want it to show up on your menus?
  •         Seasonality:   Do you want this recipe year-round or some seasons only?
  •         “Goes with”:  What are some favorite side dishes that go with your main dishes

3. Use the grocery list, replenishables and pantry

Once you’ve edited your menu just the way you want it, use the grocery list.

In “replenishables”, add anything you want on your grocery list every week  (think: coffee, eggs, milk, bread, fruit).

Tell us what is in your pantry so it doesn’t show up on your list of things to buy (think spices, cooking oils, etc). You can do this upfront or as you edit the grocery list.

4. Invite some friends!  One of the best ways to build your library is check out what your friends are cooking and copy any favorites from their recipe libraries to your own. If they sign up this month, they will receive an initial 30-day free trial!

5. Send us feedback! Help to shape our service by giving us the gift of feedback.  We love to hear from our customers, and every comment and suggestion helps make us better at what we do. Please send any questions, comments and ideas to our team at, or feel free to email me directly at, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Cooking!


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