Seven Apple Recipes to Try this Fall

Nothing screams “It’s Fall” like apples! Inside the gatheredtable test kitchen, we’ve been chopping, cooking and baking up an apple storm, curating our top favorites to share with all of you. So whether you enjoy curling up with a bowl of ice cream and a freshly baked apple crisp on a cool Fall night, or packing leftovers from a delicious sweet potato and apple salad for your family’s lunches – we’ve got all your apple bases covered.

Baked Apples 
We love the simplicity of baked apples. The cinnamon, maple syrup and pecan combination in this recipe creates a naturally sweet caramelization that everyone will love.
raw apples

Apple and Honey Challah
This bread may take practice folding the first time around but TRUST US, once you do this once, you will be hooked and maybe want to ask us for more variations…which we may or may not be testing out now 🙂
apple and honey challah

Sweet Potato & Apple Salad
My personal favorite Fall salad. Easy enough to make in a mad dash, but delicious enough to want to make in batches big enough for the whole week!
apple & sweet potato salad

Elana’s Paleo Chicken Salad
Our good friend and amazing Paleo blogger, Elana Amsterdam of Elana’s Pantry has created our absolute favorite alternative chicken salad recipe and the secret is the apples (Granny Smith are the preferred)! Feel free to sub in the mayo for those who wish!
elana's paleo chicken salad

Pork Chops with Apples and Onions
For our meat lovers out there, this is a sublime pork chop recipe. The apples give it just the right amount of earthy fall flavor. You’ll probably want to pair this great dish with a Fall salad or rice dish.
pork chops with apples & onions

Gruyere Apple Grilled Cheese
The best Fall twist on a classic grilled cheese. Kid-approved and family-loved, try a day of apple picking followed up by a family fun dinner whipping these babies up!
gruyere apple grilled cheese

Apple Crisp
Last but certainly not the least loved, this apple crisp has become an office staple (both in and out of the office). Bring it along to your next friend or family gathering, or keep it at home for more seconds.
apple crisp

Love what you see? Don’t forget to check out the gatheredtable library for more apple ideas. Simply type “apple” in the search view and we’ll automatically filter all our recipes with apples for you!

Have more recipes you’d like to see in our library? Send us your favorites and we’ll test ’em out! As always, we are here to answer questions and receive feedback so feel free to leave a comment below or email us at

Happy Cooking,

3 Responses

  1. k shea

    Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of “Put ’em up”, had a great recipe for Spiced Apple Chutney. It’s great on pork and chicken.

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