Editing your weekly menu is easier than ever!

We recently made an update to gatheredtable.com that allows you to search for alternate recipes right on the menu view, making it easier than ever to edit your weekly menu by adding just the recipe you are looking for.

Your custom weekly gatheredtable menu is prepared just for you, filled with recipes you have saved in your library in addition to gatheredtable’s curated recipe recommendations, and based on the preferences that you have set. Our goal is to give you a “just right for you” menu each and every week, but we know that you might want to make a few edits to make your menu perfect for the week ahead.

Just log into your account at gatheredtable.com from your computer or mobile device to review it and make any edits that you’d like.
add recipes to gatheredtable menu by searching your library

Adding a new recipe to one of the days in the week is easier than ever:

  • Just click on the little + in the category and day you want to bring up a search screen
  • There you can search through the recipes in your library without remembering the exact name of the recipe you’re looking for
  • You can also search through the gatheredtable recipe library or filter your search to only include main courses, side dishes, desserts, etc.
  • When you find the recipe you are looking for, just click on the green + next to it to add it to your menu

Just like before, you can still drag any recipe between days to move a recipe to another planned day. You can also simply click on the trash can to remove a recipe from your weekly menu.

And, voila! Your menu is done!

Tip: If you see a recipe you don’t like because it has an ingredient you that you try to avoid (like maybe beets), just add that ingredient to the list of ingredients you avoid in your preferences and we won’t ever recommend you a recipe with beets again!

Check it out and let us know what you think! We’re constantly working to make gatheredtable.com better for you – giving you useful improvements and simpler interactions.

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