Our 10 best chicken recipes

We’ve tested over 150 of the “best” chicken recipes, and have whittled it down to get to these top 10!

If you eat chicken, chances are you eat it A LOT.  Chicken recipes are the most searched recipes on Google and likewise get some of the most hearts from our customers – meaning that you want to eat it as a main dish frequently. Here’s a round-up of our top 10 favorites – there’s something for everyone whether you like your chicken whole or in “boneless breasts” – spicy or not, grilled, baked, or stir fried.

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1. Grilled Chicken a la “Pesto” – adapted from the NY Times
This dish uses the key ingredients of pesto without ever calling for the “paste.”  If you have kids who won’t react negatively to “those little green things” (chopped fresh basil), we bet they’ll love it too! (and hey they can always pick those off) – Mary

2. Filipino Chicken Adobo – adapted from Mary’s husband
My husband is from the Philippines, and this is a dish our kids grew up on – it’s become such a staple and favorite that now many of their friends request it whenever they’re over for dinner. So easy to make you’ll likely find yourself re-reading the directions to confirm there’s nothing more to do… – Mary

3. Ethiopian Doro Wat Chicken – adapted from Jaren, a gatheredtable team member
This ethnic dish includes berbere, which means “hot” in Amharic, which is an Ethiopian spice mix that can be found in many grocery stores or can be made at home. It’s got the perfect amount of kick! – Aileen

4. Everyday Roast Chicken – adapted from moms everywhere!
One of the first things new cooks should learn to make is a roast chicken – this is our version of the classic.  If you’ve never made one before, try this and we guarantee that you’ll rarely* buy pre-made rotisserie chicken again. (*never say never 🙂 ) – Mary

5. Chinese Chicken with Cashews – adapted from “Quick & Easy Chinese” Cookbook
Ditch the takeout, and make this classic at home! I love how delicious and easy this dish is – my kids LOVE it, and I love that it gives them a double dose of protein with cashews AND chicken; and the crunchy cashews and softer chicken are the perfect contrast on the palette.  – Mary

6. Coconut Chicken Curry – adapted from Leon: Naturally Fast Food by Henry Dimbleby
I love recipes that let me successfully recreate a delicious homemade version of my favorite restaurant meals… this is one! – Mary

7. Sonoma Chicken Salad – adapted from Whole Foods Market
This simple and tasty recipe for chicken salad is a great staple for lunches and dinners. It’s also a great way to use up any left-over baked chicken breast that you might have in your fridge. – Aileen

8. Tarragon Chicken – adapted from Lola Mike (Mary’s Mom)
I adapted this recipe from an old slow cooker cookbook – it’s divine with crusty french bread and a simple green salad. It reminds me of lunch in any run-of-the-mill French bistro. – Mary

9. “Fried” in the Oven Chicken – adapted from “In the Kitchen with Rosie”
Great for picnics and as leftovers. Also great for kids, even young ones. – Aileen

10. Chicken Noodle Soup – inspired by moms everywhere!
Years ago a lady at our local grocer gave us the secret to chicken soup: start with a roast chicken (not an uncooked one). Great way to also use up extra chicken after making a roast chicken, or go for that rotisserie and skip a step.” – Mary

Here’s a few words from our friends at NPR about safe handling of raw chicken  (from NPR)

Have other favorite chicken recipes that you think should make the cut? We love testing our customer’s favorites, so send us your favorites and if we recommend them we’ll send you some of our gatheredtable SWAG!  (you will love this dishtowel, we are not kidding)

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