Save recipes from any website using the gatheredtable web clipper

When you come across a recipe online that you’d like to add to one of your meal plans for an upcoming week, just save it to your personal gatheredtable recipe library.

Our gatheredtable web recipe clipper makes adding recipes easy!
use the gatheredtable clipper to save a recipe from the kitchn

Here’s how it works:

  1. Install the gatheredtable web clipper into any desktop web browser. It’s simple: visit this page, and drag the big cabbage to your bookmarks bar. This will add a gatheredtable button to the top of your browser.
  2. Then, anytime you find a recipe that you’d like to save, just click on the gatheredtable button on your browser.
  3. We’ll auto-magically save the recipe for you, identifying the ingredients and directions. The recipe will open up in a new window where you can review, edit and save the recipe.

Before you save the recipe, we suggest that you specify a few other details to help the recipe show up properly on your weekly menu:

  • Category: main dish, side dish, or dessert
  • Format: baked, soup, pizza, grilled, etc.
  • Serving size, hands on time and total time
  • Frequency: how often you’d like to see this recipe on your weekly menu (learn more about setting your menu preferences)
  • Seasonality: what time of your you want to cook this recipe

Note: We do not currently clip the original photo from the source page, but you can upload any photo to the recipe from or using the gatheredtable app for your iPhone or iPad.

Other ways to add recipes to your recipe library
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to add recipes to your gatheredtable account, so we’ve given you a few other options (available on from your desktop or mobile browser):

  • Paste in the URL: If you don’t have the web recipe clipper installed, you can always just copy the url for a recipe and paste it into the “add a recipe/add using web clipper” page.
  • Type it in: Just click “add a recipe/add manually” to type in the the recipe. Here you can also switch to “copy & paste mode” to drop in a block of ingredients that you’ve copied from somewhere else.
  • Copy it from another public library: Explore our public library of hand-tested recipes! There you can make a copy any recipe to your own library.
  • Save it from your menu: Each week, we’ll suggest new recipes for you to try in your menu. If you love one of them and want to cook it again and again, just save it to your library and set the Frequency to something that works for you.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to change a recipe to make it work for you! Once you save a recipe to your personal recipe library, you can make any changes you like – maybe remove or change an ingredient to personalize the recipe to your liking.

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