6 kitchen tools you need this Thanksgiving

We know Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, but trust us – soon enough, you’ll be counting plates and contemplating stuffing recipes. To make the holiday as stress-free as possible, we’ll be gathering recipes for every course (including leftovers) and tips on what tools to invest in to ensure everyone stays happy and occupied.

If you’ve hosted a successful Thanksgiving meal in the past, you likely already have the basic kitchen tools on hand (like a roasting pan, pie pans, and serving dishes/utensils). We suggest that you also invest in these 5 tools to make your Thanksgiving a success:

1. Sturdy Kitchen Twine – Don’t stress. You do not need anything fancy to truss your turkey. We like this smaller twine pack because unless you cook birds regularly, you won’t need much twine!

2. Brining Bags – We’ve seen everything used to brine birds – coolers, 5 gallon buckets, plastic storage boxes, etc. Whether you are dry or wet brining, cut down on cost (and mess) with these easy to use brining bags!

3. Meat Thermometer – If there is one thing you do not want to do on Thanksgiving, it is playing a guessing game with whether your turkey is cooked. An accurate thermometer like this one will ensure that you know precisely when to take your turkey out, no games.

4. A carving set – The second most important turkey tool you can have on hand for Thanksgiving is a reliable carving set. A sturdy chef’s knife with any sturdy, long-handled fork will work magic for the lucky designated carver.

5. Extra small plates – One can never have enough small plates at Thanksgiving. While there are thousands to choose from, we always find some great plates with a little spunk on Etsy.

And Mary’s secret tip…
6. Cook your turkey in a bag – OK, we know that at first blush, this idea cheesy… BUT, just think about why it works – turkeys need to cook a long time, and even if you baste all day long (which is annoying) they usually get dried out anyway. The turkey bag saves the day by keeping the moisture in while the bird cooks! Ever since adopting the bag, I’ve been blessed with moist Thanksgiving day turkeys – no basting and never dried out. (I confess that the idea came to me by way of one of my most sophisticated NYC foodie friends whose insistent urging caused me to overcome my initial bias) – Mary
* pro tip: take the bag off for the last 45 minutes for crispy turkey skin!

Questions about these items? On Thanksgiving in general? Let us know, we’re listening!

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