Import your Ziplist recipes to gatheredtable

Ziplist recently announced that they will no longer be supporting their recipe box feature, leaving many users without a place to store their recipes online.

We’re happy to offer a solution to these users – gatheredtable is a free service that gives you customized weekly menus combining your own recipes with our seasonal recommendations.

Once you sign up for a gatheredtable account, you’ll your new account will include the following features:

  • Free personal recipe library, where you can save recipes you find online or type in your own personal recipes.
  • Smart weekly grocery list, which includes a customizable list of your pantry items and a list of the items you buy every week.
  • Web recipe clipper that can be installed in any desktop browser, allowing you to save recipes from any website with just one click.
  • Free app for iPhone and iPad that lets you view and update your menus, recipes and grocery lists on the go.

How to import your recipes from Ziplist to gatheredtable:

  1. Go to and sign up for your free account.
  2. Log into you account on to export your data. Choose the option to “Export & Save Your Data”.
  3. When you receive an email from Ziplist with your exported recipes, forward that email to from the email address you used to create your gatheredtable account.
  4. Once we’ve imported your recipes into your account, we’ll send you an email to let you know!

Need help or have more questions? Send us a note at

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