A Guide to Basic Pie Crust Recipes

When we think of Thanksgiving desserts, really all we can think of is pie. Yes there are a number of other fantastic non-traditional dessert options out there but if pie is what your Thanksgiving dessert-mind boils down to, you’re in good company with us. And while you can fill your pie with all sorts of magical concoctions – pumpkin, chocolate pecan, etc – we know the real bear can be the crust! Skip the stress, and opt for our basic pie crust recipe, or mix it up with one of our favorite variations:

Basic Pie Crust Recipe
“A totally fool-proof pie crust. Great for any skill level.” – Aileen

Plus a few alternative crusts to consider…

1. Cream Cheese Pie Crust
“A great variation, and the cream cheese adds a surprising amount of smoothness to the crust!” – Emily

2. Gluten-Free Pie Crust
“Our gluten-free staff members couldn’t get over this great crust option! We chose a pumpkin filling for this one.” – Erin

3. Vegan Pie Crust 
“Again, another office hit. Why not try a savory filling?” – Aileen

Check out the full gatheredtable Thanksgiving Guide for more tips, ideas and recipes.

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