Check out our spiffy new menu page!

Earlier this week, we made an update to the menu page of your gatheredtable account – making it more visually appealing and easier  to use. In addition to adding photos of the recipes in your menu, we’ve also made a number of improvements to simplify your experience.

new gatheredtable menu design

Here’s what’s new:

    • Each recipe on your menu is now shown as a little recipe card along with a photo, the number of servings per recipe, and the “course” of the recipe. (Learn how to add your own photos to recipes)
    • You’ll also notice a colored-banner on recipes that aren’t from your own library – green for recipes from the gatheredtable library and blue from the library of one of your friends.
    • It’s now easier to preview recipes on your menu – just click on a recipe card and you’ll get a  little pop-up showing ingredients and directions. Here you can also: View the full-page recipe, Print the recipe or Edit the recipe (for recipes already in your own library).

menu preview on new gatheredtable menu

  • From that same recipe pop-up you can also Copy a recipe to your library – so you can edit your version and see it in future menus.
  • Just like before, you can edit your menu by clicking on the + on any day to search for a recipe to add, or by dragging a recipe to move it to another day. You can also click on the little trash can on any recipe card to remove it from the week’s menu.
  • And now when you hit + to search for a recipe, you don’t have to first decide if you’re looking for a main dish or a side – we’ve completely removed those sections from each day on your menu and instead show all of the recipes in one vertical list. This makes editing your menu easier for those of you who might want to use a salad recipe or a “vegetable side” as your main dish one night.

Thanks so much to those of you who sent us feedback on the menu page! This update addresses many of your top requests: adding recipe photos to the menu, the ability to use side dish recipes as your main dish, and easily viewing the number of servings for each recipe. And, we have more improvements coming soon which will allow you to adjust the number of servings per recipe (with the changes also showing up on the grocery list), and a big update to the overall design of the grocery list. So stay tuned!

We think these updates will improve your experience with gatheredtable – with a mix of visual and usability improvements, reviewing and editing your menu is better than ever!

Let us know how you like the new menu page – we love your feedback and we love to make gatheredtable better for you! You can it out for yourself at via a desktop or mobile browser.


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