gatheredtable on Good Morning America (video)

We were featured on Good Morning America this morning! Along with Blue Apron and Appetites, Becky Worley talked about how new services like gatheredtable help to simplify your life with suggested recipes and grocery delivery (optional for gatheredtable customers, based on location).

Watch the video:
gatheredtable on good morning america

Or read the article.

gatheredtable offers completely custom weekly menus based on each customer’s unique preferences and goals. Sign up now to get a free 6-month trial (a $60 value) that includes weekly menus, suggested recipes, smart grocery lists, a free iPhone app and optional grocery delivery (based on your location).

While trying out our service, Becky cooked this fantastic recipe:
Tarragon Roasted Halibut with Hazelnut Brown Butter
Add it to your library now, then you’ll see it on a future menu!
add this recipe to your library

2 Responses

  1. Jean L

    Yay! I’ve been a gathered table member for about 3 months, and I am now recommending this service to everyone. Although the delivery service is not available in my area, with the meal planning and grocery list, I feel I am in control of my life! It definitely saves time, energy, and money. The meals are pretty easy to make, but yummy! I had a guest the other day, and he wanted to know the recipe. I have four boys and they enjoy the meals. When they ask me what’s for dinner, I now always have an answer! 🙂

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