Take a tour of the new gatheredtable grocery list

Over the past few months, many of our loyal customers have shared ideas for an improved grocery list feature. And we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just made an update to address many of your requests!

If you log into your account at gatheredtable.com, you’ll notice a big change to the grocery list section. With simplified interactions and less white-space, we hope this new design will make grocery shopping a breeze!

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • Overall visual refresh of the grocery list including navigation, filtering and editing views.
  • Condensed, 2-column display of your grocery list, for improved viewing and printing.
  • For those of you using grocery delivery, a relocated summary of your delivery list – including both an item count and an approximate total.
  •  All changes are available now on any browser – from your computer or any mobile device.

Quick Tour of the New Grocery List:
gatheredtable grocery list tour

    1. Choose Your View – Filter your list to show Everything on the list, just the items to buy at the Store, those things you already have marked as in your Pantry, and items available for Delivery (where available).
    2. Unified Controls – All of the key actions for your grocery list in one area. Jump to your menu, filter your list by day of the week, print and email.
    3. Add an Item – Type in any additional items you need this week.
    4. Grocery List – Compact View of all items on your weekly grocery list, organized by grocery department. Each item is marked as Store (with a checkbox), Pantry, or Delivery. Items available for delivery also show the product brand (if set) and price.
    5. Change to Pantry  – By simply clicking on this area you can toggle between Store/Delivery/Pantry for each item on your list. So as you review your grocery list, you can easily mark items you already have in your pantry, those you need to buy at the store, and those you’d like delivered. Pro Tip: As you mark items as “Pantry” from your grocery list, we’ll remember week to week.
    6. Delivery Status  – In the right margin you’ll see a summary of your delivery items and have the option to submit your list directly to a delivery partner in your area.
    7. Detail View – When you click on a list item, you’ll get a pop-up showing which recipe(s) the ingredient is used in, and have the option to change the quantity on your list.

gatherdtable grocery list - item edit poup

  1. “Got it” – As you check off items in your list, they’ll move down to the bottom in this section of purchased items.

gtheredtable grocery list got-it section

Check it out for yourself & let us know how you like the new grocery list!

2 Responses

  1. Michelle S

    I like this new setup. However I don’t have a clue how to find my friends that I know are on the site. I’ve tried their emails and their names and nothing comes up. How do I do it?

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