Fire in the Hole!

Our esteemed gatheredtable test kitchen is a hole in the wall – quite literally. (Don’t be shocked people, this is not Windsor Castle it’s a startup!) We converted a closet into a sink area, and converted another nook to a fridge and stove area. Being that I spent most of my years in Manhattan apartments, this jives with my idea of a “kitchen”… But first-time visitors to our office can be in for a bit of a shock.

As we’ve said before, we test every recipe we recommend. Literally. Often more than once. Sometimes this happens at a sane pace of four recipes a day, and sometimes we take it up a few notches to what we call “Recipalooza” (up to 30+ dishes in a day with up to 8 cooks)!

At our most recent Recipalooza, Emily started a fire. The culprit (besides Emily) was an oven shelf put too high up – only few inches from a rogue broiler – on which were oil-marinated chicken breasts. Opening the door to check on them, we were greeted with a scary whoosh of flames.

After this harrowing experience, we wanted to share a few key fire-safety lessons:
fire extinguisher

  1. Make sure your kitchen has working fire detectors and fire extinguishers. Go check right now. Please. Thank you, we feel better already.
  2. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher (trying to read the directions in the face of flames was neither easy nor fun) – it says pull the pin but there is more than one pin-like thingie. Go get familiar. Now. Please. Phew.
  3. Never put anything too close to the top of your oven.
  4. Remember that fire needs fuel/oxygen survive. If we had just shut the oven off and closed the door, the fire would’ve put itself out.

Be safe and happy cooking!
– Mary and team

About Mary

Gatheredtable Founder.

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