Brittni’s Kitchen Story: Cooking for one with gatheredtable

This is part of a new series called “Kitchen Stories” where we share stories from our team and our customers about how they use gatheredtable (and tips for the kitchen in general). Have a story to share? Send us a note at

Brittni recently joined our team at gatheredtable, making the move from Boston to Seattle to help us bring more homemade meals to all of our customers. Sometimes when you work on a service or product it’s hard to actually use it yourself, but Brittni recently decided she could bring even more value to our customers by putting herself in their shoes.

Last week I decided to be honest with myself and set my gatheredtable menu schedule to 2 nights a week, Sunday and Monday. The reality of being a single twenty-something is that I’m motivated to cook at the beginning of the week and then am flooded with leftovers and spontaneous plans to go out towards the end of the week. When I saw my menu on Friday I knew I was on to something and thought, “hey! I can do this!”

On Sundays I have a bit more time to cook and prep and gatheredtable knows this so it gave me a slow cooker spinach and ricotta lasagna. I must admit I was skeptical of this recipe. I have never even thought about making lasagna in a slow-cooker and the recipe was just six ingredients which seemed too simple. But I trusted the system and went with it. I did swap out the baguette side for a quick garlic bread because I was feeling adventurous.

slow-cooker spinach and ricotta lasagna adapted from Real Simple
slow-cooker spinach and ricotta lasagna

For Monday, a recipe I had clipped a couple weeks back from was chosen for me, Beef with Snow Peas. I have been dying to try this for while, in fact I already had the flank steak in my freezer. For my side, because gatheredtable is magic, I got an asian slaw with peanut dressing from the gatheredtable library. It matched my asian-themed main dish that was in my own library with an asian-themed side from theirs! I was delighted and even more excited to make this meal than before.

Next, I did a bit of pruning on my Grocery List, marking things I had in my Pantry already (which gatheredtable saves and remembers for next time) and adding a couple other things I just happened to need at the store. I was again delighted to see that some of the ingredients that were shared in the stir fry and slaw recipes had been combined as products on my grocery list (so I didn’t have two separate entries for things like ginger and brown sugar, it did the math for me!). Then on Saturday I headed to the store and made quick work of shopping with the list on my iPhone. I’ve never been more efficient in the grocery store and was so focused I didn’t even think to stroll by the snacks aisle to grab something I would likely regret later 😉

The moment of truth came on Sunday, with this so-called slow cooker lasagna. But let me tell you, it was so simple and kind of… fun? It was super low stress and relaxing, mix the ingredients, layer them in the slow cooker, set it and go. It was a relatively short slow cooker recipe so I didn’t have to wait too long to see the amazing dish I had just created. The cheese had browned around the edges and was super melty, the pasta was perfectly cooked. And it tasted like heaven, as I realized that every other lasagna I’d made the traditional way was bogged down with so many ingredients and layers, this one was bare-bones and delicious. And Monday’s meal went just as well, the icy cold asian slaw was a perfect compliment to the warm stir fry, how does gatheredtable do it!?

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to work for a company in which you actually use and appreciate the product. It might seem like I’m exaggerating or overcompensating but in reality I love it for the same reason our customers love it: it works, it’s easy and it’s fun. And everyone wins because when the gatheredtable team uses the product, we know that the improvements we’re working on will really make it even better and that customers will appreciate them just as much as we do.

Happy cooking, Brittni

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