Update the number of servings on a recipe

Most recipes we come across online and in cookbooks are written to make 4-6 servings. We know that can be a point of frustration if you have a very large family or are cooking for only 1-2 people and don’t love leftovers.

Our goal at Gatheredtable is to give you a weekly menu that is doable, which means it’s full of recipes that you’ll actually make. And for many of you, this means recipes that have the right number of servings to satisfy your household.

Our latest update to gatheredtable.com makes this possible – you can now adjust the number of servings on any recipe and the ingredient list (and grocery list) will be automatically updated. Pretty cool!

Here’s how it works:

When you review your weekly menu, you’ll notice each recipe has the number of servings listed. If you want to update a recipe to make a different number of servings, you first need to copy it to your personal library.

  1. When a recipe from the Gatheredtable Library is on your menu, open it and choose “Copy To My Library” to give you your own editable version. Once the recipe is in your library, open it and choose “Edit”.
  2. Just below the photo, you’ll see the option to increase/decrease the number that the recipe serves. After you choose your serving size, click “Update Ingredient Measurements” to scale the amounts. Make sure to review the new measurements and remember to click “Save” when you’re done!
  3. Now the recipe will reflect your desired number of servings when it shows up on future menus — and your grocery list, too.

update serving size

Note that some recipes will not allow you to change the number of servings (like pies, cakes and roasted whole chickens). And of course, ingredients that don’t have measurements (like “salt to taste”) won’t be updated.

Pro Tip: When you are editing a recipe, you also have the option to add/edit/modify ingredients or steps in the directions. This gives you the chance to change a recipe to make it perfect for you!

This is just one of many updates that we’re making based on feedback from you, our loyal customers! Your feedback is making Gatheredtable better – keep it coming!

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