Glenda’s Kitchen Story: Cooking for a family of foodies

This is part of a series called “Kitchen Stories” where we share stories from our team and our customers about how they use Gatheredtable (and tips for the kitchen in general). Have a story to share? Send us a note at

Meet Glenda – She works full-time as an engineer in Illinois, and along with her husband who works part-time as a medical technologist, she is raising twin 3 year olds (a girl and a boy)! This is her kitchen story…

How she feels about food and cooking:
“I guess you could describe us as foodies.  We love experimenting with new foods and tastes.”

Her weekly meal planning process:
“I can’t wait for Friday when the menu comes out!  When it does arrive, my husband and I will go over the menu and try to first use up what we already have in our freezer/pantry and modify the menu accordingly.  I always try to blend trusted favorites and new adventures in our menu.  We usually go shopping once a week on the weekend.”

Why she loves using Gatheredtable:

  • Less stress at dinnertime. “A big benefit for us is knowing just what we’re cooking every night.  In the past we would constantly scramble at the last minute putting something together or just go out to eat.”
  • Time saved at the grocery store. “I love that we can go into a grocery store, get what we need, and get out fast!”
  • Money saved, too! “I’ve also noticed that our grocery bill has dramatically been reduced, since we’re not wasting money on food we may not use.”
  • The recipes work for her family. “We have been using Gatheredtable for months and so far there hasn’t been a Gatheredtable recipe that we haven’t liked.”

And something she’d like to see added:
“I would love to see more reader comments/ratings on Gatheredtable recipes.  Or perhaps note a particular recipe as a ‘favorite.'”

Some of Glenda’s favorite recipes:

A few from the Gatheredtable library…

And a few that she has clipped from around the web: (she says uses the web recipe clipper “constantly”)

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