Organizing your weekly menu around a “theme night”

We’ve heard from a number of our customers that they like to have a “theme night” on certain nights of the week. While my family definitely observes “Pizza Friday” and at least one “Leftover Night” (aka “Fend For Yourself”), we haven’t taken it much further. But I think we might be swayed…

In just the past week, I’ve heard from customers that observe scheduled themes like “Chili Sunday”, “Soup Monday”, “Taco Tuesday” and “Crockpot Wednesday”. And our own Mary tells stories of when her kids were younger and her family would enjoy a Roast Chicken every Sunday night.

This way of structuring your weekly plan has a few advantages:

  • Everyone in your household has expectations about what’s for dinner on a given night and can get excited about the meal ahead.
  • You can choose a theme for a certain day of the week that fits in with your weekly schedule. Like make soup or chili at the start of the week so you have lots of lunch leftovers, or make a roast or a full chicken early in the week then reuse the leftovers in another meal later in the week, or prep a slow-cooker meal or a dinner salad for a day when you know your schedule is always tight.
  • You can always be on the look-out for creative recipes that fit within your chosen theme, so you can keep “Taco Tuesday” fun and exciting with various Mexican-themed dishes.

Does your household follow any specific day-of-week themes? We want to hear about it!

Happy Cooking!

Here’s some inspiration from the Gatheredtable recipe library for your “theme night”…

Chili Sunday: Beef and Bean Chili (8 Chili Recipes for Every Diet)
beef and bean chili

Soup Monday: Spicy Garbanzo Bean and Turkey Sausage Soup (Find more soup recipes)

Taco Tuesday: Taco Night with Chicken (Find more taco recipes)

Crockpot Wednesday: Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork (Find more slow-cooker recipes)
slow cooker pulled pork

Salad Thursday: Quinoa and Black Bean Salad (Find more salad recipes)
quinoa and black bean salad

Pizza Friday: BBQ Chicken Pizza (Find more pizza recipes)
bbq chicken pizza

Burger Saturday: Portobello Burger with Spicy Avocado Sauce (Find more burger recipes)
portobello burger with spicy avocado sauce

1 Response

  1. Kelly

    Yes! We do Falafel Friday (that’s actually takeout, because Friday is my busy day and I don’t have time even to prep the crock pot), Tofu Tuesday / Taco Tuesday (because your Thai Tofu dish only takes 15 minutes to prep and that’s about how much time I have on some Tuesdays). I want more theme nights, based mostly on how much time I have to prep and to get a little variety within bounds.

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