Meal Planning on a Budget with Gatheredtable

We know that sticking to a weekly food budget is important to many of you, and our latest update helps make that a little bit easier!

Now when you receive your weekly menu from Gatheredtable, any recipe that we suggest will include a budget indicator based on the price of the ingredients in the recipe ($ through $$$$). Based on our database of ingredients and grocery prices, we’re approximating the cost per serving for each recipe – from main dishes to sides to desserts.
budget visible on recipes in weekly gatheredtable menu
Note that you’ll only see budget on recipes that come from the Gatheredtable recipe library (marked with a green ribbon), not recipes from your own library.

How we calculate budget: Excluding olive oil, salt and pepper, we price out all of the ingredients in a recipe and determine the cost per serving. $ is up to $1, $$ up to $3, $$$ is up to $5, and $$$$ is above $5 per serving.

Not only will you see the $ indicator on each suggested recipe in your menu, but you’ll also see the budget of each Gatheredtable recipe when you hit + from the menu page to search our library for an alternate recipe. (Filter by budget coming soon!)
search for recipes from gatheredtable by budget

And you’ll also see the budget listed on the recipes themselves:
gatheredtable recipe with budget info

Happy cooking!

This enhancement to Gatheredtable is based on requests from our fantastic community of customers! If you have an idea to share, please be sure to get in touch with us at

4 Responses

  1. kirstin

    I’m using Google Chrome and the library page doesn’t show the cooking time or the budget for me. I have to click on the meal to see the budget and then click the back button if it’s out of my price range – and when I click back it starts at the top of the library again, making me scroll back down to where I was. At this time it seems very inefficient to find something in my budget.

  2. Angie

    I have a question… is there any way to meal plan in advance? when I go to the menu I can see the plan for the current week, or past weeks… I would love to be able to plan more than a week at a time, preferably at least a week or two in advanced.

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