Rebekah’s Kitchen Story: Learning to Cook for a Large Family

Meet Rebekah – She cooks for herself, her husband and their 3 young children – ages 3, 2 and almost 3 months. With 3 kids under the age of 4, she does not have a lot of time to plan, shop, cook, or do anything! This is her kitchen story…

She didn’t learn to cook early in life
“I grew up in a family of 6 – my parents, 3 siblings and I. We lived a bit out of town in the country on six acres and even though we rarely ate out and my mom cooked meals from scratch, I never really learned to cook. In fact, I never really cared to. I preferred to be running around outside with our animals. Fast forward to my first year of marriage: my husband grew up helping in the kitchen all the time and wanting to be a chef. He has worked several jobs cooking even though it is not his current/career job. Needless to say he was a very good cook and I had no experience. Since I was working outside of the home full time and he was working part time outside of the home and starting his own business part time, it made sense for him to cook. Fast forward another couple years, his business became full time and I was able to quit my job, and started having kids. It made sense for me to take over making meals. And so my journey began.”

Learning how to meal plan
“It was rough at first and something like Gatheredtable would have greatly helped to lessen the learning curve. I spent hours trying to figure out how to meal plan, how to shop on a budget without spending hours comparing prices, how to read labels to make good clean food for us, how to season food, how to sear meat, how to do everything that I had no idea how to do. A 30 minute meal took me an hour because I was so slow at prepping food and had to re-read the recipe a million times.”

How she cooks now
“Eventually I figured it out. I learned how to cook, how to plan meals on a tight budget and still feed my family healthy whole foods, how to eat in season. I even have a garden now and have learned how to plan and cook according to what is currently growing in the garden.”

Enter Gatheredtable…
“Right before my third child was born, I knew feeding our family was going to get more difficult. Less time for everything. I am on a new learning curve. How to continue feeding my family healthy whole meals with no time to plan, no time to shop, no time to spend wading through recipes finding things that go together and are in season and are ready to eat quickly. I discovered Gatheredtable and decided to try it out.”

Why she loves using Gatheredtable:

  • Time savings: “I entered all of our family’s favorite recipes that are quick and left it open to try some new ones from Gatheredtable’s suggestions. Now, instead of spending time I don’t have meal planning for the week, Gatheredtable does it for me!”
  • Simplified shopping: “Now I simply review my menu, make a few alterations if needed and get the grocery list. I do a big grocery run once a week after all the kids are in bed sleeping and my husband is home (hooray for stores that are open late!) and then do one smaller trip with the kids midweek to pick up fresh veggies and fruit.”
  • Simple, seasonal recipes: “I love that the recipes are seasonal and that it pairs side dishes with main ones. It’s nice that they are quick and easy too (fixing dinner with 2 crying hungry toddlers clinging to you and a fussy baby strapped on is NOT the time to make a lengthy meal!)”

And something she’d like to see added:
“The only suggestions I’d have for Gatheredtable would be showing a month of menu plans in advance rather than a week because it fits our budget better to buy in bulk for multiple meals with similar ingredients throughout the entire month.”

Some of Rebekah’s favorite recipes:
spicy orange glazed chicken wings

This is part of a series called “Kitchen Stories” where we share stories from our team and our customers about how they use Gatheredtable (and tips for the kitchen in general). Have a story to share? Send us a note at

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