3 Menus for the Perfect Easter Dinner

As with any holiday meal, Easter Dinner is steeped in tradition. Many families stick with the same set of recipes every year and woe to the person who breaks it. Several years ago my aunt showed up at Easter Dinner with something new. “It’s the traditional family lemon cake,” she said. “The what?” we all responded. None of us had ever seen it before, but supposedly she had found it in “an old family cookbook”. The next year she made it again, with similar eye-brow raises from the rest of the family. Now, 10 years later, it IS the traditional family lemon cake, which I guess is how traditions get started.

Below you’ll find our 3 favorite menus for Easter Dinner, including some old stand-bys and a few to shake it up. Whether you start a new tradition like my aunt or stick with your favorites these recipes are sure to please!

Menu 1: Rack of Lamb with Fresh, Simple Sides

Menu 2: Traditional Ham with Modern Side Dishes

Menu 3: Vegetarian Lasagna with Seasonal Influences

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