How to edit your menu to use up ingredients

Step #2 in successful meal planning is taking inventory of your refrigerator. This includes making note of any perishable ingredients you’d like to use up in the coming week. Once you have this list, it’s easy to update your menu to be sure you use up those perishable ingredients early in the week.

How to Edit Your Menu to Use Up Ingredients You Already Have On Hand:

  1. When you review your menu for the week, first check to see if any of the recipes on your plan will use up your ingredients. (Tip: Jump to the grocery list for an organized list of all of the ingredients needed for your menu)
  2. If not, click on the + on one of the days to search for an alternate recipe from our library. You can search by ingredient name to find recipes that will work for you.
  3. Once you add a new recipe to your menu, you can even increase/decrease the number of servings to accommodate your household needs and the ingredients you already have on hand.

Alternatively, if you’d like to avoid having too many leftover ingredients at the end of a week, you can create a menu that will use up all of the perishable ingredients you buy.

How to Create a Weekly Plan that Avoids Food Waste:

  1. As you finalize your plan for the week, take a look at your grocery list to review any perishables that you’ll need for the week.
  2. If you see something like fresh herbs on your list, click on it to get a quick view of the recipe it’s needed for and the quantity needed.
  3. If one of your recipes requires some partial amount (like 1/2 bunch of basil), then search for another recipe that also uses that ingredient – you can add it to your menu for later in the week.

We know that preventing food waste is important to you, and we’re working on improvements that will make it easier. Stay tuned for announcements in the coming months!

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