Which herbs you should grow and which you should buy

It’s like a scene in a delightful movie: Dinner approaches, and you leisurely step to your kitchen garden and snip. Voila! A handful of the freshest herb in just the right quantity. Your own herb garden is not only a nice addition to your kitchen, but can save you a few bucks!

Depending where you shop, the price of a bundle of fresh herbs can be the same (or even more) than a live plant, so growing them makes sense.

When considering which ones to grow, I rank them on these three criteria:

  1. How easy are they to grow? (My assessment is based on growing them outdoors in Seattle weather)
  2. How often will you put them to use in recipes?
  3. Are they perennials or will you need to replant them every year?

This year, I’ll be planting all of these common herbs:

Which Herbs to Grow at Home - from Gatheredtable
I usually start with seedlings (live plants) rather than seeds because it reduces the risk of failure, reduces the work, and is still affordable (right now many are $2). I plant them in pots on the deck outside my kitchen.

I’m no green thumb but I’ve managed to grow all of these except cilantro successfully, so I encourage you to give it a try. (And I would welcome cilantro growing tips!)

Happy Growing!

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Gatheredtable Founder.

7 Responses

  1. Mary

    Brittni on our team just pointed out a flaw in my chart: If you consider all the cocktail recipe uses for herbs then mint climbs up a bit… mint juleps, mojitos, etc. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on cocktail recipe

  2. Bridgette

    Cilantro is something I try almost every year, but still haven’t had much success with. At least it’s not crazy expensive at the store!

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