5 Signs You’re a Parent Who Grew Up in the 1970’s

1. As a kid, you begged for TV Dinners.


As a parent, you would never feed one to your kids.

2. As a kid, you drank TANG for breakfast in place of OJ.


As a parent, you think even OJ has too much sugar for your kids to drink it.

3. As a kid, you debated with your girlfriends whether it was better to be smart or pretty (Gilligan’s island and Scooby Doo made us feel like it was either one or the other).


As a parent, you love role models like Tina Fey who are BOTH.

4. As a kid, you watched “Alice“ help out the Brady Bunch.


As a parent, you actually tried to hire ONE person to do everything you do when you’re not working (cook, clean, shop, laundry, watch the kids) and people just laughed at you.

5. As a kid, you wanted that Jetson’s button that made dinner just appear.


As a parent, you want homemade meals, not astronaut food! 

Check out Gatheredtable: Jetson’s-like software that makes homemade meals easier.

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Gatheredtable Founder.

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