New and Improved Gatheredtable Recipe Library

We’re thrilled to tell you about our New Gatheredtable Recipe Library! Visually appealing, organized into collections, and easier than ever to use – we think you’ll love it!

The improvements include:

  • New recipe collections, organized by theme.
  • Advanced filtering to help you find the perfect recipe every time.
  • One-click scheduling, making it easy to add recipes directly to your weekly menu.
  • Personal collections in your own recipe library, helping you stay organized.
  • Community improvements, including featured profiles.
  • Better recipe clipping!

Read on for more details…

New Recipe Collections

When you visit the Recipes section of Gatheredtable, you’ll notice a brand new layout where we feature recipe collections based on not just ingredient, but also interest. So if you want the perfect chicken recipe, a budget dinner, or something that is sure to please picky eaters, you’ll know right where to go.
new recipe collections from gatheredtable

Advanced Search & Filtering

When you’re in search of a new recipe for your weekly menu, it’s now easier to find exactly what you’re looking for! Of course you can still search by recipe title and ingredient in the search box, but you can also filter the search results by Course, Diet, Season, Budget, Time, and Equipment.
filtered search results on gatheredtable
To filter your search, just click on the green Filter button to the right of the search box. This will reveal all of your filtering options. Make your choice, then hit the Search button.

Add a Recipe Directly to Your Menu

When you come across a recipe you love, it’s easier than ever to save it to your own personal recipe library. When you view a recipe card in the library, you’ll see three options: copy the recipe, add to your weekly plan, or add the recipe to one of your recipe collections.
recipe cards on gatheredtable

You’ll also have these options when you are viewing a recipe detail page, in addition to the option to print.
black beans recipe from gatheredtable

Organize Your Own Recipes

As you start to build your own recipe library, we now make it easier organize your recipes into collections. You might want to create collections like these: “Pizza Night,” “Taco Tuesday,” “Brunch Favorites,” “Great for Entertaining” or “Recipes to Try.”

To get to your own library, just click on Recipes, then My Library. There you’ll see all of your saved recipes and be able to search, add new recipes and view/create recipe collections.

Here’s a peek into my recipe library…
katin's recipe collection on gatheredtable

Discover the Community

The final addition to the new recipe section is an amped-up community section. Here you’ll be able to search for your friends by name or email address and also see some of our featured profiles. Check it out!
featured recipe libraries on gatheredtable

Better Recipe Clipping

We’ve also made an improvement to the Gatheredtable Web Recipe Clipper. When you save recipes from around the web, we’ll now automatically grab the photo of the recipe to save along with the ingredients and directions.

So, go start exploring and clipping recipes to fill up your personal recipe library. We can’t wait to hear how you like it!

5 Responses

  1. Ang

    I just signed up and am digging this site! The web clipper has worked great and I am starting to organize my recipes. I have been able to make the collection folders and add recipes to specific collections. My question is… is there a way to organize the collections folders? Instead of them being in the order in which I created them (which has no rhyme or reason) I would love to organize them (meat collections side by side, desserts side by side… etc.) basically is there a way to move the collections folders around?

  2. Ang

    This has made things a LOT easier for me! I am digging this! Normally-when I remember to/have time to… I would sit down.. figure out what I have in the house… look through my recipes as to what I would like to make.. make a list… bla bla bla… this is so convenient!!

    I have another question… is there any way that you can 1.) add notes to the Calander? and 2.) view the week ahead … so you could possibly plan 2 weeks at a time?

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