Surprisingly Delicious: Spinach and Egg Pizza (full recipe)


Make this now! Ok, so I know that there is limited resemblance between this recipe for Spinach and Egg Pizza and a normal pizza – no tomato sauce, no meat, not even your usual pizza veggies, but shut the front door is it AMAZING. Ever since finding it almost a year ago it has become a staple in my house and our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE homemade pizza! Seriously SO good!

Why I love this recipe:

  1. You’re getting way more than a serving of veggies, on pizza!
  2. Put an egg on top of literally anything and I’m a fan.
  3. There aren’t any wet or greasy ingredients like fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, sausage, or mushrooms to make the crust soggy so it is chewy, crispy and delicious all the way through.
  4. It uses ingredients you probably have on hand (especially if you’re making your own dough) and is super versatile.

Speaking of versatile, it is the greatest way to use up leafy greens and cheeses in the fridge. I’ve made it with spinach (of course), but it is also amazing with kale, arugula, collard greens, and broccoli (I diced this one in a food processor) or any combination of bits and bobs left in the fridge. The ricotta can be substituted with sour cream, plain yogurt (I add a little milk if using Greek style), cottage cheese (I mash this first), a very soft goat cheese, or again any combination of what you’d like to use up.

Even the cheese is up for substitution. It’s best with a hard cheese but I’ve also used white cheddar and mozzarella with great results. One time I accidentally defrosted pie dough instead of pizza crust and turned it into a galette, and yes, still amazing!

The only two pieces of this that aren’t optional in my book are the fresh oregano and the garlic, they put it over the top!

This is definitely a pizza best baked at 500 degrees. Down to 450 is ok but any cooler than that and the eggs take a long time to set. Adjust the time slightly depending on how you like your eggs, I take mine out a little early to get runny yolks.

I recognize not everyone will be a convert, but if any part of you is thinking, “yeah, that looks good” go try it now! (Add it to your personal recipe library on Gatheredtable to see it in one of your future weekly menus.)

Happy cooking!

Spinach and Egg Pizza - from Gatheredtable

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