Gatheredtable Tips for Dedicated Meal Planners

Welcome Planners!

16600554678_e311b5f1c2_z Maybe you’re a super-organized person. Or maybe, like me, you’re not universally organized, but you do some of your best organizational work when it comes to meal planning… Either way, we’re glad you’re here!

And here’s the good news: Using Gatheredtable can reduce the time you spend creating your weekly plan down to 15 minutes/week.*

How you can get the most out of Gatheredtable:

  1. Set your preferences to match your weekly routine. Usually cook 3 nights/week? Tell us (and also which nights). Like to meal plan Saturday morning? Set your weekly menu email to arrive on Friday.
  2. Add your own recipes. Any recipes you add to your personal library will show up on your weekly menus mixed in with our seasonal suggestions. You can type in your favorite simple recipes or clip recipes from any website by installing our web recipe clipper.
  3. Finalize your weekly plan. Each week, edit your menu and grocery list, check off what’s already in your pantry… and you’re ready to shop. This should take 15 minutes or less.

We would love to hear your feedback on what else we can do to make Gatheredtable great. And… tell us what you’ll do with all that extra time! Go to yoga? Read a book? Take a walk with a friend? Cat nap?

Happy Cooking!
Mary & Team

* Meal planning Moms & Dads tell us that before Gatheredtable they typically spent 1-2 hours/week meal planning and grocery list making with pencil & paper.

“It’s convenient and makes my life easier. I love the feature that puts the whole meal together for me. The hardest part for me before Gatheredtable was figuring out sides for a meal that weren’t the same old thing.”

“The ease of editing the grocery list and that my list is categorized, makes my shopping much faster. I am out in 30 minutes from the time I park my car to the time I leave. That is a first!”

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