Having trouble making meal planning a routine?

Whether you’re new to meal planning or a committed planner, Gatheredtable can help you save time, stress and money! For those of you who know the benefits of weekly meal planning, understand the basics of how to use Gatheredtable, but have trouble making meal planning part of your weekly routine, we want to give you a little nudge!

A few tips just for you, the person who “tries to plan”…

1. Set aside time each week for planning

Gatheredtable will make meal planning a snap, but you still need to set aside a few minutes each week to use our tools. So, pick a regular time that works best for you (we love Saturday morning with a big mug of coffee). It doesn’t matter when you do it – what’s important is that a quick weekly planning session becomes part of your routine.

2. Add your favorite “go-to” recipes to your weekly rotation

Making a whole week of new recipes can be overwhelming. Instead, add your own recipes to be mixed in with our suggestions. You can type in simple recipes or use our web recipe clipper, then set how frequently you want to see them appear on your menus.

3. Remember, the key to meal planning is committing to the process

Start slow, plan only 2-3 nights a week. Then as the weeks go by, you may start to enjoy the planning process and notice your nightly stress about “What’s for dinner?” fade away. If you have a week when your plan goes berserk, don’t worry – just start again!

The Real Cost to Feed Your Family via Gatherestable.pdf

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