Share your favorite recipes from Gatheredtable

Your Gatheredtable account includes a free recipe library, where you can save and organize recipes that you love and want to cook.

We recently made it easier for you to share any recipe saved in Gatheredtable, so you can send them to a friend with just one click. And the best part is that anyone you send the link to can see the full recipe, even if they don’t have a Gatheredtable account of their own.

It’s easy to share recipes: (it works the same from your desktop or mobile browser)

  1. Go to the recipe that you want to share.
  2. Click on the share icon, which will then give you an option to choose Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish sharing, and you’re done!

share a recipe from gatheredtable

Alternatively, you can always just copy & paste the URL for the recipe you’re viewing and share it that way.

Once a recipe is shared, we’ll publish the recipe title (and photo) and include a link to view the full recipe on, where anyone can view the full ingredient list, instructions, and link back to the original source. Did you recently discover a recipe that you thought was delicious? Share the love! Word of mouth is the absolute best way to find new recipes.

Happy sharing,

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