Cookbook Review: Mad Hungry – Feeding Men and Boys by Lucinda Scala Quinn

Hello to delicious, hearty, filling food that anyone with a large appetite will love!

Mad Hungry

Mad Hungry by Lucinda Scala Quinn has been around for awhile so you may have heard of it. They’ve even launched a TV series of the same name and the book is now available in paperback. Lucinda’s back-to-basics approach is perfect for anyone looking to feed a group of hungry people, particularly one filled with men and boys. Her inspiration comes from her own family where herself, her husband, and three boys sit down together at the dinner table! She not only puts together an amazing collection of delicious recipes (see some of our favorites from the book) but also includes fun stories that anyone cooking for a crowd can relate to — “They eat standing in front of a full fridge and lick the crumbs out of empty ones.”

The book is set up by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) and features recipes that everyone will recognize (Beef Stew, Corn Bread, and Banana Bread) in addition to some great new ideas (“Paul-bim-bop,” Pumpkin Flan, and a Flat Roast Chicken). But more impressive than the recipes is the opening of each section offering encouragement, tips, and a great philosophy behind why you should take the time to cook (regardless of what the group of people you’re cooking for looks like) and why you can, and should, make sure everyone can “fend for themselves” in the kitchen. Lucinda argues that it’s not just about the cooking, it’s about creating a community around cooking and modeling the behaviors that you want those around you to mimic when it comes to preparing food and taking the time to sit down together and enjoy it.

Pork Chops with Apple and Onions adapted from Mad Hungry

Italian Press Sandwiches adapted from Mad Hungry

If you’re trying to figure out a great way to celebrate Father’s Day, try checking out this book for great recipes to feed those Mad Hungry men and boys!

Buy your copy of Mad Hungry now.

Happy Cooking,

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