10 Benefits of Meal Planning

setting the family table
Our goal at Gatheredtable is to make healthy homemade meals easier. And we believe that meal planning has many benefits:

#1 Save Money
Our Meal Planning customers save an average of $25/week by spending less on takeout and last-minute food decisions, and by buying only the food they need at the store.

#2 Save Time
Our customized menus save you 1- 2 hours/week of recipe searching, meal planning and list making. Meal Planning customers receive an editable menu each week along with a smart grocery list that automatically updates as you edit! Our grocery list is designed for fast shopping: combining ingredients across recipes, organized by grocery aisle, and remembering what’s already in your pantry.

#3 Eat Better, Feel Better
Our recipes are all from-scratch, with none of those made-in-a-factory processed ingredients. Eating real food not only makes you feel better physically, you’ll also feel proud of the healthy yet delicious food choices you’re making for yourself and your family.

#4 Discover Amazing “Just for You” Recipes
We curate, test and photograph all of the recipes we suggest in our weekly menus – we’ve chosen over 1,000 of the best recipes from the millions out there! Each menu is customized for you – just set your preferences based on what you eat, what you avoid, how often you want to cook, and how much time you have.

#5 Cook with the Seasons
Our suggested recipes incorporate in-season produce throughout the year. You’ll discover how delicious it is to cook with the freshest, ripest produce. And you’ll love how much you save on your grocery bill by buying what’s in season!

#6 Turn Your Recipes into Reality
When you find a recipe that you’d like to try, add it to your recipe library and we’ll combine it with our suggestions on an upcoming menu. No more saving recipes somewhere only to lose track of them and never actually cook them.

#7 Shop Less, Cook More
Our weekly plan gives you a single grocery list that you can take to the store to buy everything you need for the week. No more more forgotten ingredients, multiple trips to the grocery store, or 4 pm “What’s for dinner?” calls. 5-7 pm will never be the same!

#8 Stop Throwing Food Away
By starting the week with a plan, you’ll only buy the food you need. No more unused produce piling up in the fridge, only to be tossed once it goes bad.

#9 Cut down on Takeout
When you have a plan and all of the ingredients you need on hand, you’re 90% more likely to cook at the end of a long day.

#10 Connect Over Dinner
Research has proven the benefits of shared family meals on kids’ school performance and socialization. Whether or not you have kids, we believe there’s nothing like a shared homemade meal to make friends feel like family.

Subscribe to the Gatheredtable Meal Planner to receive a weekly menu and accompanying grocery list. Monthly and annual plans available.

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