How to Enter Recipes for the Best Menus and Grocery Lists from Gatheredtable

When you add recipes to your personal recipe library, you’ll want to be sure a few key things are entered so that we can recognize them. This will help us to pair your recipes with great sides, create balanced weeks, recognize ingredients properly on your grocery list, and also find the correct products when submitting groceries for delivery (optional). Read on for our tips…

Fill out as many details as possible

1. Ingredients – Possibly the most important part of a recipe is the ingredients. See the section below for tips for entering your ingredient list. If you clip a recipe from the web, be sure to take a few seconds to confirm the ingredient list before you hit Save.
2. Category – This lets us know if what you’ve entered is a main, side or dessert and helps us make sure you don’t get Chocolate Cake as your dinner recommendation. (Unless that’s your thing, in which case you go ahead and eat cake for dinner! And maybe send us a dinner invite that night?)

Recipe Edit categroy3. Format and Equipment – Having the correct format and equipment helps us pair your recipes with great sides to form complete and balanced meals that go well together.

Recipe Edit format

4. Goes With – Do you always make that great rice pilaf with your roast chicken? Mark it as “goes with.” Pairing mains, sides and desserts together makes sure they always show up on your menu together.

Recipe Detail

5. Time – Check that the correct time is entered so your busy nights only include recipes you have time for.
6. Frequency – This tells us how often you want to make a dish (ranging from Weekly to Special Occasion Only).
7. Season – This tells us what times of year you prefer to make that recipe. (Soups in winter, grilled dishes in the summer, etc.)

Entering Ingredients

In most cases, you can just type what you think makes sense & we’ll do a good job of interpreting the ingredient and measurement. But just in case, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure each ingredient has a quantity. (ex: 1 cup, 2 teaspoons, 3 pounds) Ingredients without quantities are listed separately on the grocery list to ensure you buy enough. Enter quantities as numbers (1, not “one”).
  • Abbreviate measurements logically. (ex: tablespoon as T or tbsp) We’ll recognize all the common ones! There’s also no need to convert to other units (i.e. no need to change pounds to ounces).
  • Write the ingredient as clearly and simply as possible. Many recipes from blogs include long preparation notes in the ingredients line. If possible, exclude these from the ingredients and put them into the directions or notes.
  • Only put one ingredient on each line. We are only able to recognize one ingredient per line so try to separate ingredients out. (ex:”1 teaspoon of each: cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger” would only be recognized as “1 teaspoon of ginger”)
  • List substitutions in the notes, not in ingredient lines. If a dish can be made with any herb or spice, choose the ingredient you would like to appear on your grocery list (i.e. avoid the word “or”).
  • If you’re having trouble… If you can’t seem to get canned items (or anything else) to be correctly recognized, just get in touch with us:

Gatheredtable Suggested Recipes

Finally, make sure you don’t miss our “Recipe Recommendation Setting” under Menu Preferences, this setting lets you tell us how often you would like your own vs. Gatheredtable recipes on your menu.

User Preferences

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