Why You’ll Love the Gatheredtable Grocery List

When you sign up for Gatheredtable Meal Planning, you get editable, weekly curated menus (yah!) plus access to our smart grocery lists (double yah!).

New customers tell us how much they love our recipes, how they save time starting with our weekly menus, and how easy it is to save recipes with our web recipe clipper. But, once they start to really dig into meal planning and make it part of their weekly routine, it’s the grocery list that really saves them time and money!

Let me tell you all about it…

1. Every Weekly Menu Includes a Grocery List

Each week when you receive your weekly menu, it comes with a Grocery List that includes all of the ingredients that are needed for the recipes on your menu.
gatheredtable menu has a link to the grocery list Pro tip: Once you choose the current week’s menu, you can jump right to the grocery list by clicking on the green button at the top.

2. It Updates Auto-Magically

As you make edits to your menu (add or remove recipes, or even make edits to the ingredients on a recipe), your grocery list will automatically update to list exactly the items you need to buy.
gatheredtable.com grocery list Pro tip: If you prefer to see organic vs. non-organic items on your list, update your Grocery Preferences and we’ll apply the logic of the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” to make your grocery list as specific as possible.

3. It Tracks Your What’s In Your Pantry

As you review your grocery list, you can mark which items you already have in your Pantry (salt, olive oil, rice etc.) and those items will be removed from the list of what you need to buy at the store. We’ll remember what you marked in your pantry from week to week and won’t put those things onto your future lists.
pantry tracking on gatheretable grocery list Pro tip: As you review your grocery list each week, check out the needed items from your pantry to be sure you have’t recently run out!

4. It Combines Ingredients from Multiple Recipes

You won’t see the same ingredient listed multiple times on your grocery list. If you have two recipes that each call for 1 tbsp of fresh parsley, your grocery list will add it up and round up to the minimum “buyable” amount (in this case, 1 bunch of parsley). It’s so smart that if one recipe calls for the zest of a lemon and another calls for the juice of a lemon, you’ll only see one lemon on your list.
combined ingredients on gatheredtable grocery list Pro tip: Click on any item in your list to get a pop-up displaying which recipe(s) the items are needed for.

5. It Includes Your Weekly Staples

Make a list of the items you buy every week (under Replenish) and we’ll add them to your grocery list each week. Add your weekly breakfast/lunch/snack staples to this list and we’ll make sure you never forget them.
weekly staples on gatheredtable grocery list Pro tip: You cans also manually type in additional items that you need to buy that week. Just click on “Add an Item” and type in any grocery or household item that you’d like to see on the current list.

6. It’s Organized by Grocery Aisle

Walk into the store organized and ready to shop! Your grocery list is grouped by grocery aisle, helping you save time as you navigate the store.
gatheredtable grocery list organized by aisle

7. Filter by Day Of the Week

Only want to shop for one day of the week, or maybe just the first half of the week? Click on the little funnel at the top of the grocery list to filter your grocery list, then choose which days you’re ready to shop for.
filter your gatheredtable grocery list by day of the week

8. Print It Out, Use It on Your Phone or Email It to Someone Else

When you’re ready to head to the store, choose just the “Store” tab and print your list. If you’d like to check off your list as you shop, log into gatheredtable.com from any mobile device and access your grocery list right from the store. Or you can email your list to someone else in your household to ask them to help with the shopping! (just click on the little mail icon at the top of the grocery list)
gatheredtable grocery list on mobile device Pro tip: As you check items off of the list, they’ll pop down to the bottom of the list.

9. Get Your Groceries Delivered (Optional)

Based on regional availability, we’ll fill your shopping cart for local grocery delivery companies with just one click. To get started, enter your zip code to see if delivery is available where you live!
grocery delivery from gatheredtable

Using the Gatheredtable Grocery List will help you save stress as you make your plan, save money by buying only buying what you need, and save time as you shop. Go to your Grocery List now!

2 Responses

  1. Amanda

    I just signed up and my grocery list does not have all the ingredients for the week. The last meal on Saturday isn’t included. Can you explain.

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