Be a Dinnertime Hero this Back-to-School Season!

dinnertime hero
In any bustling family with school-aged children, there is nothing quite like the Back-to-School Season – it’s a concentrated moment when we all try to bring order to the impending chaos. New backpacks, new clothes (all washed, folded and organized in drawers…hopefully!), a new schedule, and a new-found commitment to sticking to that schedule. As your weeks begin to fill up with activities, sports practice and meetings, we want to help you prevent family dinners from falling by the wayside.

With a weekly meal plan from Gatheredtable, dinnertime can be a success.

Start with a Plan

The key to cooking and enjoying more homemade dinners is planning ahead. When you have a plan and all the ingredients at home waiting, you’re far more likely to cook at home. Otherwise, the tempting call of takeout or a frozen meal will win. With a monthly or annual subscription to the Gatheredtable Meal Plan, you’ll have a weekly, editable menu delivered to your inbox based on your diet and preferences.
katin's weekly menu on gatheredtable

Pick Meals that Work for You

As your weekly calendar fills up, choose meals that are quick, flexible and work for your family. Maybe you need a crock-pot dinner that can be prepped earlier in the day and make it onto the table in minutes, or a quick salad that can be custom-assembled by each family member, or sandwiches that can be packed up and enjoyed on the go! Our weekly menus suggest meals that meet your preferences and needs, but you can also choose recipes from the Gatheredtable Library that will fit in with your schedule, then just drop them into your menu.

Pro tip: Don’t try a new recipe you’ve never made before on a busy weeknight – save those for when you have more time, and if you like it enough to make it part of your regular rotation then it can become a weeknight regular!

Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken – A simple & quick salad that packs in raw veggies & protein!
Fettuccine Primavera
Fettuccine Primavera – Toss in any veggies you have on hand, or let each family member add their veggies of choice.
Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla
Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla – A quick & flexible weeknight recipe to add to your weekly routine. Fill with any meat an veggies you have leftover from earlier in the week, then wrap in foil for dinner on the go!
Whole Wheat Bagel Pizzas
Whole Wheat Bagel Pizzas – For those nights when dinner needs to be done FAST! Add a salad or some broccoli for a complete meal.

Shop Once, Be Prepared

Making a plan, choosing recipes and drafting a shopping list is half the battle. Next you need to get to the store (or have your groceries delivered), so when it comes time to make dinner you have all of the ingredients you need on-hand and ready to go. Our grocery list makes it easy to shop for the week, keeping track of what you already have in your pantry, and including your weekly basics like coffee, eggs, bread and milk.
katin's weekly grocery list on gatheredtable

Get Everyone Onboard

How many times have you heard, “What’s for dinner?” Now, you’ll have an answer. Get everyone in your household involved in choosing recipes, share the weekly plan with them, and maybe even get some help in the kitchen!

Save Time, Save Money, Save Stress

Don’t over-plan. If you don’t cook much at all now, start with a goal of 3 nights of cooking, 4 maximum. Edit your menu carefully, be thoughtful about the week’s recipes, buy only what you need at the store, and stick to your plan. After two weeks, you’ll notice the difference – we promise. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free 10-day trial of Gatheredtable, or if your trial has expired and you want to give it another shot, just send us a note at

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