Surprisingly Delicious: Delicata Squash

A good friend recently came to visit and after several days of showing her the city and eating out (a lot) we were in desperate need of some vegetables. So, Sunday morning (after one final brunch, I mean, who can resist brunch?) we hit the farmers’ market. Fall is one of my favorite times at the farmers’ market, and we both had far too much fun grabbing vegetables for the “soup, or salad? or soup” that we were making later. When we came across a beautiful pile of delicata squash my friend picked one up and said, “Wow, what is this?” I responded, “Um, only the best squash ever.” We grabbed two.

15844816702_8e65cd1705_o (1)

Delicata squash is absolutely my favorite winter squash for three reasons: 1) You don’t have to peel it, and 2) It’s insanely delicious 3) it’s the perfect squash for people who think they don’t like squash. You can do lots of different things with delicata squash, but in my personal opinion there is absolutely no better way to make it than to just roast it. The skin gets crispy, the flesh gets soft and sweet, and it’s SO SO good! As we sat down to eat the squash, along with a kale salad and a pile of other roasted vegetables my friend was shocked that my boyfriend was also happily eating “just” a pile of vegetables for dinner but once she took a bite of the squash she knew why. Delicata squash is just that good!

Try this recipe for Roasted Delicata Squash

Next time you see a pile of beautiful delicata squash, don’t hesitate, grab one of those babies, roast it up and prepare to have a whole new love affair with squash.

Happy cooking,

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