Meet Kath Younger of Kath Eats Real Food

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kath Younger, the author of the popular food blog Kath Eats Real Food. Her blog and her personal story both resonate deeply with our food philosophy – homemade, from-scratch meals, made from “real food” (none of that packaged stuff – yuk!).

We’re so excited to highlight Kath as our Blogger of the Month! She is an inspiring cook, entrepreneur, mom, and person. Check out her blog for awesome recipes and more, as well as her Gatheredtable library for recipes you can easily add to your own collection.

Read the interview below…

1. You’re a little different than the typical “food blogger” who only shares recipes. Tell us your story. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2007 to show my family and friends how to eat real food. Most people know the why and even the what, but the how is a bigger question mark. Sharing real meals in a real life context gives a deeper perspective into what healthy living looks like.

2. How has your blogging style changed over time? And why?
For five years I blogged three times a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was intense, but I loved keeping up the pace! And then I had my son and realized that a thrice-a-day blogging schedule was impossible 🙂 At that time I switched to once a day and then as he became more active and demanding, I switched again to a topical structure. I still share my meals and keep a focus on food, but now I also write about life and fun topics to keep things fun and fresh!

3. What do you think it is about your story that resonates with your readers? Is there anything you’ve shared that has gotten much more (or much less) of a reaction than you expected?
I have readers who have literally read every post since the early days of blogging. They tell me they feel like they know me as a friend, and I would feel the same if we met in person. Since I share so much of my life story online, readers tell me they love to follow along – through the good times and bad. I’ve shared happy moments like the birth of my son and sad ones like the loss of grandparents and cancer stories from my mom and mother-in-law. Readers comments have helped me through these times, and I appreciate them so much.

Kath with her son, Mazen

4. How has becoming a parent changed the way you cook and eat? Any tips for how to incorporate the palate of a child into the adult-focused meals?
Instead of starting on dinner at 4pm to have it ready for my hungry three-year-old at 5pm, I work a day ahead. So he is eating leftovers (or a quickly created meal) while I am working on the current night’s dinner. This keeps him entertained while I cook and means I always have something on hand for him to eat. As my son gets older and can wait longer to eat, we’ll hopefully be able to cook and eat together.

5. What are some of your favorite quick meals? And some of your favorite decadent meals?
I love one-bowl salads like this Mediterranean Chopped Salad or this easy Pesto Kale Pasta Salad. For decadent meals – anything with lots of cheese – like these nachos!

Mediterranean Nachos

6. When you go to the grocery store, what is always on your list? And what’s always in your pantry?
Eggs, milk, yogurt, salad greens, good cheese, a head of kale and bananas. Those are my “oh my gosh time to go to the store” staples 🙂 My pantry is always stocked with oats – one of the world’s most versatile foods! And nut butters. I have some nearly every day.

7. What is the biggest personal lesson you’ve learned about cooking and your relationship with food?
Quality over quantity. I started my weight loss journey counting calories and looking for foods with the lowest fat and calories, but as I learned more about the science of nutrition and how my body felt eating real food, I began to focus more on whole, real foods that nourished my body and my mind. I like to say that it’s not what you don’t eat that matters but what you do. When you fill up on real food you don’t crave or want the not-so-healthy stuff.

Pesto Kale Pasta Salad

8. And what advice would you give to someone who is just starting the journey of healthy, at-home cooking and eating?
Nothing is more motivating than a well-stocked refrigerator. Just as I said above, if you have lots of healthy options available you won’t need to rely on fast food or takeout when hunger strikes. Also: a little planning goes a long way. A loose meal plan and a little bit of food prep on the weekend will help you make good choices on your busy weeknights.

Check out Kath’s collection of delicious recipes in our Gatheredtable Community Section, or read her amazing blog at

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